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A third generation Jehovah’s Witness (JW), Rome chronicles the lives of 5 teens: Patrice, Roderick, Kai, Abby, and Cassius as they navigate the world, their temptations, and manipulation within their faith. As born in members of the God Begotten they are faced with challenges that seem like normal growing pains but instead could be life altering if they don’t adhere to the rules and guidance of The Mosaic.


The story takes place in the 2000's. Patrice and Abby are best friends with their fair share of secrets. Both daughters of congregation Elders, they try to maintain a clean image to those within their religion, while still finding themselves among their peers. Roderick and Kai, who are also best friends, are on different sides of the religion’s spectrum. Rod takes his faith more seriously, although he periodically gives in to peer pressure. Kai on the other hand is a suave, smooth-talking guy that doesn’t take the God’s Begotten seriously. Both young men grow up with domestic issues in their homes.


New high school graduate Cassius is the oldest of the teens and a friend/mentor to Roderick. He is the oldest child of a prominent Elder in their region and grandson of a legendary figure in the God's Begotten. Cassius is presumed to be the heir of his families theocratic dynasty, but has his doubts about the religion, seeing its cult-ish ways. He also has dreams and ambitions that would not only derail his family's plans but could shun him from all he knows.


This coming of age tale is loosely based on Rome’s life experiences, former JW members and their stories, clashed with a youthful perspective. While relatable, multi-generational, Cult Language takes you inside a canny modern day cult that preys on their youth’s innocence, with their future(s), in their control.

Cult Language

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